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Wholesale Hydrocolloid Plasters Acne Patch For Acne Care
Name:Wholesale Hydrocolloid Plasters Acne Patch For Acne Care

Product Description

Acne dressings


Acne plaster is made of mild hydrocolloid material, excellent absorbency,it can clean secretion from follicle.

Ease wound inflammation and swelling, make the inflammation area flat and cured gradually.

The color of material is close to skin color, it protects the acne from further follicle clogging and infection, when people make up.

It offers a well moist environment, accelerate wound healing and avoid scars.



1. Especially adaptable to broken acne. 

2. For shallow and small wounds caused by injury.

3. For wounds caused by laser and other minor surgery.

4. For protection of small wounds on face, avoiding the blockage and infection caused by make-up.


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