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Wholesale Sterile Non Woven Medical Adhesive Wound Dressing For Wound Care
Name:Wholesale Sterile Non Woven Medical Adhesive Wound Dressing For Wound Care

Product Description

Non-woven wound dressing

Non-woven wound dressing is made of spunlace non-woven fabric coated with special medical acrylic adhesive and fabric absorption pad.


Product description:

1. The occlusive environment can prevent bacterial invasion and accelerate the wound healing.

2. The dressing is coated with special hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive, has good initial, continuous and repeated viscosity, mild peeling strength and no pain when peel off.

3. Round design can prevent the dressing roll up and extend the use time.

4. The absorption pad is with good absorbency. The absorption pad is no adherence to wound. It is easy to peel off and avoid secondary hurt.

5. Humanized-designed and available in different sizes and styles. Special designs can be made according to customers’ requirements for different clinical needs



Care for postoperative wounds, acute and chronic wounds, small cut and bruise wounds etc.


User guide and caution:

1. Please clean or sterilize the skin according to the hospital’s operation standards. Make sure the skin is dry before applying the dressing.

2. Make sure the dressing should be at least 2.5cm larger than the wound.

3. When the dressing is broken or dropped off, please change it immediately to ensure the protection and fixation of dressing.

4. When there is heavy exudation from the wound, please change the dressing in time

5. The viscosity of dressing will be decreased by detergent, bactericide or antibiotic ointment on the skin.

6. Don’t drag the I.V. dressing, when sticking it to the skin, or unnecessary hurt will be caused to the skin.

7. Remove the dressing and take necessary treatment when there is inflammation or infection for the skin. During the treatment, please increase the frequency of changing dressing, or stop using the dressing.


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