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Wholesale Transparent Wound Dressing With Absorbent Pad For Wounds
Name:Wholesale Transparent Wound Dressing With Absorbent Pad For Wounds

Product Description

Transparent dressing

Transparent film dressing is made of high-permeable polyurethane(PU) film, with high moisture permeable medical degree acrylic adhesive and special coating technology, it can keep pace with the normal breath of the skin.


It is indicated that: the moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of normal human skin is about 240-1800g/m2/24h/37℃, if the MVTR of transparent film dressing is much lower, the moisture may gather under the film, it may cause maceration of the skin and influence the adhesive capacity of dressing. Our transparent film dressing has good quality for its both high permeability and excellent viscosity.



Product description:

1. Highly permeable: no maceration to skin.

2. Bacteria preventable.

3. Waterproof: Patient can take shower or bath conveniently.

4. Transparent: wound situation can be observed at anytime.

5. Soft and comfortable for different parts of body, hypoallergenic.

6. Strong viscous: the dressing could stick on skin for 7 days.

7. Safe and convenient: design of the dressing makes it convenient to operate, and can avoid the wrinkling of dressing.

8. Available in different sizes and styles. Special designs can be made according to customers’ requirements for different clinical needs.


Product advantages:

1. CCK frame design: It prevents the extra tension on skin during operation to decrease the skin hurt.

2. Transparent: The wound situation can be observed at anytime.

3. Extra-thin design: It is comfortable and flexible to skin.

4. Humanized design: It makes it easier to peel off the CCK frame.

5. The record tape and fixation tape are convenient to record the patient’s name, date and bed No., and reinforce the fixation. It is easy for care and nursing.



1.  Fixation of I.V. catheter, PICC and CVC etc.

2. Care for skin in friction areas or skin in wet condition.

3. Protection for the slight bruise wounds, cut wounds, suturing wounds etc.

4. Secondary fixation for other dressings.


User guide and caution:

1. Please clean or sterilize the skin according to the hospital’s operation standards. Make sure the skin is dry before applying the dressing.

2. Make sure the dressing should be at least 2.5cm larger than the wound.

3. New dressing is required when the catheter needs to be changed. It is suggested to change the I.V. dressing every 3 days by USCDC when the dressing is used to fix PICC, and maximum 7 days to fix CVC.

4. When the dressing is broken or dropped off, please change it immediately to ensure the protection and fixation of dressing.

5. When changing the I.V. dressing, please prevent the I.V. catheter from dropping off.

6. When there is heavy wound exudates under the I.V. dressing, please change the dressing in time.

7. The viscosity of dressing will be decreased by detergent, bactericide or antibiotic ointment on the skin.

8. Don’t drag the I.V. dressing, when sticking it to the skin or unnecessary hurt will be caused to the skin.

9. Remove the dressing and take necessary treatment when there is inflammation or infection for the skin. During the treatment, please increase the frequency of changing dressing, or stop using the dressing.

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