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Wholesale Wound Skin Closure For Surgery Wounds
Name:Wholesale Wound Skin Closure For Surgery Wounds

Product Description

Wound skin closure

With the continuous improvement of life, higher requirements on the suture techniques are put forward. Postoperative wound repairing and scar prevention is the most concerned issues. Wound skin closure is made of high quality nonwoven fabric with reinforced silk fiber, which is coated by acrylic adhesive. It could make patients get rid of these worries.

It’s a good and effective solution to acute wound closure and infection reducing.

Wound suture could be avoided by using wound skin closure. Wound infection rate could be reduced and it is more humanized to patients.

It can enhance tensile strength and reduce scar formation rate.  

It is with good tensile strength and it can ensure the closure of the wound.

Method of application

1. Clean the wound with saline water and dry the wound area.

2. Stick the wound skin closure to the wound vertically from the middle of the wound.

3. Apply the wound skin closure from the two ends of the wound to the middle part to avoid wound opening.

4. Stick to the rest parts of wound. .


1. For closure of emergency surgery wounds.

2. For closure of general surgery wounds.

3. For closure of gynecologic surgery wound such as caesarean section surgery wound. .

4. For wound care after immediate suture or stitch removal.


Questions and Answers

Q: What is the effect of wound skin closure?

A: According to the medical literature report, with the using skin closure after suture operation, postoperative infection risk and scar generation rate could be reduced.


Q: Why should the wound skin closure be used for 3-6 months?

A: Based on clinical report, scar generation will occur in the 3-6 months after surgery. Continuing to offer suitable pressure on the wounds can effectively reduce the scar generation rate.


Q: Why should it be vertically sticked to the wound?

A: Vertically sticking could offer proper tensile strength to avoid wound opening, and protect the granulation tissue from abnormal hyperplasia which is caused by excesses secretes of the collagen.


Q: Can we cut the product?

A: It’s better not, the product is sterile packed, cutting the product into strips may cause contamination, if necessary, please sterile the scissors before cutting.


Q: How often should it be changed?

A: Every 5-7 days, it is not necessary to change it everyday to avoid the damage to newborn tissues.


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