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Wholesale One Step TP Rapid Syphilis Test Kit For Serum And Whole Blood
Name:Wholesale One Step TP Rapid Syphilis Test Kit For Serum And Whole Blood

Product Description

Product principle:

Rapid syphilis test coats recombinant treponema pallidum antigen on the detection line and coats anti-mouse IgG polyclonal antibody on the quality control line using double antigen sandwich method of immunochromatography, colloidal gold conjugates is colloidal gold-labeled recombinant treponema pallidum antigen.

In detection, if the sample to be tested contains syphilis antibodies, the sample reacts with gold-labeled conjugates into complex Ab-Ag-Au, under the effect of chromatography, the reaction complex moves forward to the detecting area along the nitrocellulose membrane and forms Ag-Ab-Au which will be enriched on the coating line when is captured by solid-phase matter.

If syphilis antibody levels ≥ the min detectable quantity, it will form a red reaction line in the detecting area. If the sample does not contain syphilis antibodies, the red line will not appear in the detecting area, and the results are negative this moment.

Indicators of TP Tuberculosis Antibody Test Kits technical characteristics:

1) Using recombinant technology and colloidal gold immunochromatography assay, it has a high sensitivity and specificity;

2) It is used for individual detection, convenient for preoperative examination and for emergency and clinical use of random samples;

3) Sensitivity: min detectable quantity≥2NCU/ml

4) Specificity and cross reactivity: it has no cross reaction with AIDS-HBsAg-hepatitis C-Chlamydia-positive samples.

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