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Wholesale Therapeutic Vacuum Cupping Set With Suction Pump For Elimination Toxins
Name:Wholesale Therapeutic Vacuum Cupping Set With Suction Pump For Elimination Toxins

Product Description

Therapeutic vacuum cupping, a kind of medical appliance, is a kind of non fire cupping apparatus which uses the air to form a vacuum negative pressure state. It absorbs the advantages of traditional cupping utensils and overcomes the disadvantages of traditional cupping by using high-tech means, so that the ancient cupping method of traditional Chinese medicine is rejuvenated. The main characteristics of vacuum cupping device is transparent. The negative pressure in the tank can be adjusted according to the patient's physical condition and condition. It is easy to observe the skin changes in the pot and to master the cupping time. Compared with the traditional cupping, it has the same curative effect, but it is safer to use, no scald, easy to operate and not easy to break. Therefore, it is not only suitable for hospitals but also more widely used for families.

Product features:

1. New material, not easy to break, exquisite, easy to carry;

2. No fire, no electricity, no burning, burning worry;

3. Vacuum gun can be used to adjust the negative pressure value;

4. The connector is used to realize single person operation;

5. It can be used in any part of the body with the aid of special shaped cans, rubber rings and clay;

6. Select all parts of the body at will;

7. It can be operated by many methods, such as sitting tank method, flash tank method and so on.

Advantage: Good tightness, relieve pain,easy to carry, performance safety,easy to observe, easy operation


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