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Wholesale Elasticated Cold Bandage For Muscle Pain
Name:Wholesale Elasticated Cold Bandage For Muscle Pain

Product Description

Cold elastic bandage uses a revolutionary new technology to treat injured muscle pain and strain. This bandage combines cooling and compression processes in an easy-to-use case, reducing the time steps of injury recovery. The cold bandage consists of a specially formulated solution, injected into an elastic bandage, and starts to evaporate with the skin after contact; cool the application area here. This cooling bandage reduce swelling and provide sufficient cooling, making it a very effective treatment.

Material: elastic cotton, polyamide, polyester, latex rubber, water, alcohol, menthol & fragrance

Application: bruises, inflammation , chronic joint or muscle pain, sprains and strains

Protect the skin from friction and chafing

No adhesive residue upon removal

Soft and comfortable


Elastic Cold Bandage

Effective cold therapy for many conditions such as

bruises, inflammations, sprains, strains and sport injuries.

It uses a revolutionary new technique for treating injuries, muscle pain and strains. This bandage reduces recovery time from injuries by combining both the cooling and compression process in one easy to use step. cold bandage is composed of a specially formulated solution infused into an elastic bandage which begins to evaporate upon contact with skin, thereby cooling the applied area. cold bandage reduces swelling and provides sufficient cooling to make it a very effective treatment.

Directions for use:

1. open package and remove the moist bandage.

2. wrap around the affected area, apply enough stretch to provide a comfortable compression which is not too rerestrictive. In order to allow the bandage to evaporate its cooling mixture, do not overlap the bandage too many times.

3. adhere the loose end in place safely.

4. ensure you elevate the affected body part and rest.

5. the treated area will get colder over the first 10-15 minutes and remain cold for up to 2 hours.

6. it is recommended to inspect the affected body part every 15 minutes. if any discoloration or redness occurs discontinue treatment at once.

Important notes:

1. Do not use while sleeping. near a heat source or whilst exercising.

2. Do not apply pressure, for example by lying or sitting on the cold bandage. Allow air to circulate over the cold bandage.

3. Discontine use immediately if the skin gets red with blotchy white spots after the cold bandage is removed. This means that the area has been cooled excessively and is a warning sign.

4. Do not use the cold bandage on children, babies or on people who are incapable of removing the bandage themselves.

5. Do not leave an elderly person unattended while using an cold bandage.

6. Do not use the cold bandage over an area with the presence of redness, inflammation, broken, bruised or open wound and irritate skin.

7. Do not use the cold bandage in conjunction with other creams, rubs or lotions applied to the skin.

8. Consult with your doctor first if you have rheumaatoid arthritis, poor circulation, nerve damage, sensory impairment, a skin condition, cold insensitive, raynaud's disease, are diabetic or pregnant.

9. Do not use cold bandage on injuries in the chest region as in some instances this may cause a reaction in the muscles, bringing about angina pain.


1. For external use only.

2. If contents are exposed to eyes, rinse with water and seek medical advice.

3. Keep out of reach of children and babies.

4. Do not use after expiry date

5. Do not use the bandage if you have a latex allergy.

Storage condition: store in a cool place under 25 degree

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