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Name:Wholesale Self Adhesive Cotton Cohesive Bandage For Sports Care


Cotton cohesive bandage is made of pure cotton cloth coated with elastic cloth and medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, widely used for sports, training,surgery, orthopedics wound dressing, limb fixation, sprain, soft tissue injury, joint swelling.

Material: cotton

Size: 1”X5y, 2”X5y, 3”X5y, 4”X5y, 6”X5y, etc

Usage For Self Adhesive cohesive bandage:

Supporting bandages for strains and sprains.

Fixing bandages for splints, monitors and IV.

Pressure bandages to promote circulation and healing.

Compression bandages to help control swelling and stop bleeding.

Industrial first aid bandages.

Splint fixation and fixed joint protection.

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