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Name:Wholesale Silicone Foam Wound Dressing For Wound Care


    Silicone Foam is a foam dressing with silicone gel coating. Silicone foam wound dressing is an absorbent, a traumatic dressing made from absorbent core and silicone gel. The wound contact

surface of Silicone foam dressing is coated with a layer of soft silicone gel that does not stick to the surface of a wound or cause trauma to delicate new tissue upon removal. This soft silicone layer is also slightly tacky, which facilitates application and retention of the dressing to intact skin, but does not cause epidermal stripping or pain on removal. The outer surface of the product is bonded to a vapor-permeable polyurethane membrane, which acts as a barrier to liquid and microorganisms.

    The silicone foam dressing include two types: silicone foam dressing with border and silicone foam dressing without border. The absorbent core of silicone foam dressing without border is polyurethane foam and that of silicone foam dressing with border consists of three components, a thin sheet of polyurethane foam. a piece of non woven fabric and a layer of super absorbent fibres. The core can lock exudate into the product, preventing the wound bed from drying out and the surrounding skin from becoming macerated.

The advantages:

1.  gentle on the skin and painless to remove,with no residue;

2.  Can be reused after inspection of the wound and will not adhere to the wound bed;

3.  rapid and high absorption for exudate. The high absorption of foam dressing and appropriate permeability rate kindly maintain the micro-humid environment,accelerate neovascularization and granulation tissues rebuild, and benefit for the epithelial cells in newborn,effectively shorten the recover time of wound, reduce the frequencies of exchanges drugs, benefit for the charges of treatments;

4.Semi-permeability PU film protect layer, and together with the gels which are formed by the absorption pad when adsorb the exudates, well protect the dust and mricobials from outer, defend cross infection;

5.helps to reduce scaring;

6.does not damage the new epithelial cells when removed;

7.Easy for operate, soft, conformance, suit for all parts of body;

8.Well cushion effect and heat insulation performance, bring patients comfort.


Application of foam dressing:

Superficial II, deep II,III scald wound, burn face lifting replant skins, donated skins; and all kinds of ulcers wounds; bedsore, sores and hard heal wounds; all kinds of incisions of surgical operations(eg: caesarean operation, appendectomy etc.) all kinds of superficial wounds and face-lifting beauty wounds.

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