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Wholesale Surgical Paper Tape For Medical Use
Name:Wholesale Surgical Paper Tape For Medical Use

Product Description

Micropore paper tape is a kind of medical tape that uses non woven paper as the base material and coats the medical pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side of the base material through a coating machine.

Material: Nonwoven with hypoallergenic glue

Product Name: Nonwoven Paper Adhesive Surgical Tapes

Breathable soft and comfortable

High tensile strength, non-slip

Remove easily, non-sticky to skin or hair, no degumming, no residue

Various packing as customized: simple packing, plastic shell packing, with cutter dispenser

Size: 1.25cmX5m, 2.5cmX5m, 5cmX5m, 7.5cmX5m, 10cmX5m, different sizes are available

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