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Wholesale Fever Cooling Patch For Adult and Baby
Name:Wholesale Fever Cooling Patch For Adult and Baby

Product Description

Product Description

Fever cooling patch has the effect of reducing fever and cooling, and can relieve fever, headache, toothache, sunburn and muscle

sprains that are accompanied by colds.

Material: Nonwoven fabric with hydro-gel and OPP film

Application: effective to the fever and relieve pain

Immediate cooling soothing relief 

Lasts up to 10 hours

Fever Relief Patch (cooling gel patch)

It's for headache, fever, immediate cooling soothing relief, lasts up to 8 hours

Safe to use with medication

Doctor recommended for adults

Product Details

1.Size: 4x10m, 5x12cm, 5x11cm, 10x14cm (according to customer's requirement)

2.Packing: 2pcs/foil pouch, 3 pouches/inner box, 50 inner boxes/ctn (according to customer's requirement)

3.Fever Relief Patch Features:

a. Doctor recommended to provide cooling relief from the discomfort associated with migraine, headache, fever, muscle aches, sprains, over-exertion, hot-flashes or whenever you need relief

b. Provides immediate cooling relief in a convenient disposable product, needs no refrigeration and is portable, ready to use anywhere and anytime at home, at work or while traveling

c. Gently adheres to your skin

d. Offers just the right amount of cooling to maximize comfort

e. Cooling effect of each sheet lasts up to 8 hours, since Be Koool gel sheets are non-medicated, they are safe to use with medication

Product Name: Fever Relief Patch









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