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Wholesale HIV Test Kit For Serum Test and Whole Blood From China
Name:Wholesale HIV Test Kit For Serum Test and Whole Blood From China

Product Description

Product principle:

AIDS is an infectious disease caused by HIV virus. HIV Rapid Test Kits detect HIV1/2 antibody in whole blood/serum/plasma using highly specific antibody-antigen for reaction. If the sample to be tested contains HIV antibodies, HIV antibodies react with gold-labeled antigens into complex Ab-Ag-Au, under the effect of chromatography, the reactive complex moves forward to the detecting area along the nitrocellulose membrane and forms Ab-Ag-Au complex when is captured by antigens, and finally form a red reaction line in the detecting area.

Indicators of product technical characteristics:

1. HIV Rapid Test Kits using recombinant technology and colloidal gold immunochromatography assay, it has a high sensitivity and specificity.

2. HIV Rapid Test Kits is used for individual detection, convenient for preoperative examination and for emergency and clinical use of random samples.

3. Suitable for the detection of various samples such whole blood, serum and plasma.

Sensitivity: Se=99.31%

Specificity: Sp=100%

False positive rate =0%

False negative rate =0.69%

Total accordance rate = 99.81%

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