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HCV and Hepatitis Antibody Test Kits
Name:HCV and Hepatitis Antibody Test Kits

Product Description

Product principle:

The HCV and Hepatitis Antibody Test Kits detects HCV antibodies in whole blood, serum and plasma using immune colloidal gold techniques and double antigen sandwich method. In detection, if the sample contains HCV antibodies, it will react with label to form complex, under the effect of chromatography, the reaction complex moves forward to the detecting area along the nitrocellulose membrane and is captured by immobilized antigen on the nitrocellulose membrane, and finally form a red reaction line in the detecting area, the results are positive this moment. If the sample does not contain HCV, the red line will not appear in the detecting area, and the results are negative this moment.

Indicators of product technical characteristics:

HCV and Hepatitis Antibody Test Kits has a high sensitivity and specificity, can be up to 2NCU/ml.

HCV and Hepatitis Antibody Test Kits can detect whole blood, serum and plasma samples;

It is stored at room temperature, easy to carry and valid for 18 months.

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